I refer to the news reported by The Star dated 1st May with headline “Pakatan Pahang to use Mining and Logging Revenue to Settle Debts”.

I wish to reiterate that Pakatan Harapan Pahang (Pakatan Pahang) is committed to sustainable development and the green agenda.

Pakatan Pahang has pledged to reduce the logging quota by 20% and to put in place an open tender system to make sure there will be no cronyism, nepotism and corrupt practices. The revenue is expected to see a surge of RM200 million even when the logging area is reduced sizeably.

Pakatan Pahang's manifesto is also committed to protect the buffer zone of rivers and streams by strengthening local enforcement. All palm-oil plantations and agricultural activities should not pollute our river and water.

Pakatan Pahang will centralise all tourism developments based on 'eco-tourism' concepts. By recognising the land rights of the Orang Asli, our lands and forests will be managed in a more sustainable way.

Pakatan Pahang also promises to reject nuclear power plants as a source of energy and to review Lynas and other controversial projects. This is to ensure our future generations inherit a greener and cleaner Pahang!

Pakatan Pahang welcomes transparency through discussions and opinions on its state manifesto.

The Download links can be found here: 1) 2) Lee Chean Chung Chief of Pakatan Harapan Pahang Manifesto Committee Candidate for N13 DUN Semambu


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