It always seems impossible until it’s done.” As Nelson Mandela ‘appeared’ on the post-it note on my face, let me quote him to largely sums up my experiences in Bangkok with Generation Democracy

Throughout these 4 days, It is very fortunate listening to domain experts that presented their practical insights on leadership, digital communication and strategic planning. They shared with passion, often related with real-life cases and interchanged with games that helped us grasp the topics better. (I personally missed the reputation game. Remember Post-it note on your face?)

If only i could list the tools that we have been equipped throughout the workshop: SWOT analysis, campaign message box, email marketing, social media analytics, theory of change, priority map, advocacy plan and the list goes on!

The amazing part of Generation Democracy workshop is that it does not just serve as a learning centre, but also creates urgency for us to pick up these tools to affect change. My to-do list is getting longer along the workshop: apply Theory of Change to my office, build a Communication Plan for upcoming election campaign, update my social media tools, develop advocacy plan to save Chini lake and many others!

Nevertheless, underlying these tools and skills are our beliefs on democratic principles. Sharing of three honourable ambassadors definitely help to strengthen our shared values.

Above all, if without the leadership, curiosity, teamwork and enthusiasm of the participants, the workshop would not be complete. I am impressed by the amount of efforts, of different age, and in different ways that they (we) have contributed to the communities. It reminded me the only way is to take more action to ensure democracy works for youths and the majority people.

Now, i am more assured, that fighting democratic change is not a lonely battle, but a shared destiny of our generation.

#UnitingYouth #IRI #OOTD


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